Twice a day, every day, it fails

Exhibited in January, 2016 at Free Range Gallery

  1. Freeway interchange, two in the morning: the network takes on the aspect of a divine plan; a fantastic, multi-headed hydra made real; a dragon whose smoking veins we traverse – each day a single beat of its vast inhuman heart.
  2. The often-neglected dependence of independent movement upon other systems.
    The abstract ideal of this system passes through the hands of many peoples whilst none of them touch it. With continued maintenance it becomes an object of ceaseless contemplation. A space designed not to be there, it thus emerges poetic from its asphalt bed, the complex system, at its functioning best, is a marvel of technological poetics, designed by the logically maddened minds of functionalist engineers.
  3. Road movies, chaos, and the apocalypse: symptoms of a world-wide death drive.
  4. My brother plays party music to relax, but as I drove along the freeway at two thirty in the afternoon, I was immediately caught in an anachronistic traffic jam. Dean Blunt’s Forever played on the radio and as I moved along, the accident that had caused the block was revealed, and as I passed the scene with firemen and two trucks at forty kilometres per hour, I realized that the music in reality had never matched the scene quite so well before.